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Frequently Asked Questions about our cargo van moving service:

What kind of CARGO VAN(s) do you have?

We own 10 Foot Full Size Cargo Vans (a.k.a. Panel Vans). They are the same cargo vans you can rent at U-Haul or Budget. Still lost? Okay, like a "white van" that you see driving around the Boston area. Ie. A plumbers van, or any work van. Ours are the similar except they are stripped inside of stuff, except for 2 seats up front. We have roof racks to put BEDS and BOX SPRINGS on top of our van to save space inside the van. They almost ALWAY GO UP ON TOP. We have U-Haul Mattress bags for sale for $6.00 to protect your bad from getting dirty or scuffed up while being transported!

Click HERE to see a picture of our newest van.

How much stuff will fit into your van?

We are usually able to move a small studio or 1 bedroom apartment in one van load. It all depends on how many big items you have. Our vans can fit a lot of stuff! Probably, a lot more than you would think. We can almost always fit a bedrooms worth or furniture in a load. If you have a sofa or futon that will usually fit with a bedroom worth of furniture. In cases that are tight we suggest to put your mattress and box spring on the roof of the van to open up more space for your stuff. We carry mattress bags to protect your mattress from getting soiled.

How many helpers come with Man With A Van Moving?

Most of the time we come out with two strong men and a van to get you moved. Man With A Van Moving always comes out with all the moving goodies to help out like roller dollies, packing blankets and tools. If you need a hand truck for something please let us know in advance so we can pack it in the van. (We only oofer single mover service for light items and boxes now. Sorry.)

How many years has Man With A Van Moving been in business?

Man With A Van Moving has been in business since the August of 2000 and has moved over 2500 + satisfied customers!! We are very thankful to the residents of the Boston metropolitan area for their continued support and referrals. Go Red Sox!!!! and Pats! of course

Does Man With A Van Moving move single items like a mattress?

Yes we do. If you have single item like a bed with a box spring or a sofa we can come out and help you with that. We can easily fit that into our van and can bring two men to move it for you. I

Does Man With A Van Moving do packing?

Nope! We pack the van but not your stuff. That's your job. We just move it. Check out this link we make up with packing suggestions. A good packing job assures that nothing will break while in transit. It's best to pack heavy items like books and records in SMALL BOXES. Also fragile items like dishes and glass should be packed carefully and well labeled! Anything that needs special care should be brought to our attention when we arrive. Like glass table tops, pictures, CPU's and monitors. We also appreciate that on the date of your move you try be packed when we arrive so we can see all of your items and get started right away.

What happens if you can't fit my furniture in one load?

That is a good question. We will do 2 loads for you, if possible/necassary! Please tell us all of your items you are moving when booking.. there is a good chance we can tell from just looking at yur list that it's gonna be 2 trips! And, we'll tell you! If you are moving a far distance, esp. out of town, this can be a issue...

Does Man With A Van Moving work in the evenings?

Not so much anymore..sorry! Our slots start at 7:30 AM and our last slot is usually around 1:30 or 2:00 PM start time

Can customers get a ride in the van to the new address??

No, we are sorry but only staff can ride in the van for insurance reasons - Sorry

Can you hoist or rope up my sofa to the 3rd floor because it doesn't fit down the stairs?

No = Again, for insurance reasons we can NOT hoist anything, not even a box spring.




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