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Keith Hollis

Please visit Keith's music website: www.POBOYZ.net

Mover - Jazz/Blues Musician - Co-Owner

Hey, Everyone! My name is Keith Hollis, and I guess you can call me the original "Man With A Van." I got into the moving business a few years ago with no experience and can now move a sleeper sofa through a doggie door! Just kidding!

A few summers agoI returned to Boston from visitng my family in Los Angeles, California and was suprised by a bunch of similar voice messages on my answering machine. They all went like, "...hey Keith can you help me move next weekend; can I borrow you and your van for a few hours to move my stuff, U-Haul is overbooked..." I proceeded to call my friends back and help them all move, for NO charge of course. But, I quickly realized that there are many people out there, whom I did not know, who need help moving with a van.

Since then I have been moving people all over New England and the East Coast. I consider myself, and my colleague Ryan Wall, professional movers with the ability to move any item with care, confidence, and skill. We're not a bunch of "Chumps With A Truck." We pride ourself on years of experience and having nice personalities.

In the fall of 2003, I decided it was time to take my music more seriously. I graduated from New England Conservatory with a degree in Jazz Performance and realized that moving stuff wasn't taking me towards my goals of being a professional performer(But, it was paying off my loans!!) I convinced Ryan Wall, my best friend since the age of 20, to handle my cell phone and to keep my company 'moving'. ' This has allowed me to move home to Los Angeles and split my time between Los Angeles and being a mover here in Boston. It worked! I have played many live shows all over California and have recently performed on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

2006-2007 Update: My music is going great! I now have my own Hammond B-3 Organ trio, The Po' Boyz, based out of Boston and Los Angeles. My new funk/blues trio has played in the French Quarter during the 2005 Jazz and Hertiage Festival, headlined Northern and Southern California clubs with Soulive alto Sax sensation Sam Kininger. The Po' Boyz have also headlined major New England clubs including the Chicken Box in Nantucket, the Ale House in Portland, ME and Harper's Ferry in Allston, MA. Keith Hollis and the Po' Boyz' now have a monthly residency called ORGAN NIGHT on the first Monday of every month at the Model Cafe in Allston with jazz drum legend Rakalam Bob Moses. The monthly series is free and if you live in the area you should come on down! Visit our website for more info: THE PO' BOYZ ORGAN TRIO

Burbank, CA, April 8th, 2004 - Keith performed in front of a television audience of several million people on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

  • Check out a quicktime movie of me backstage with an American Idol contestat after my performance on Jay Leno Show, April 8th, 2004.
  • Check out a movie my dad shot while backstage waiting to go on to perform on The Tonight Show. Check out actor Paul Belamy's look at the camera when we barge in on him getting his hair and make-up backstage. Not very nice but pretty darn funny!
  • To check out my selected dicography click here .


June 17th, 2004 - Keith Hollis backstage with slide blues master Robert Randolph right after his performace infront of 22,000 people at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. Check Robert out with his 2 brothers, Robert Randolph and the Family Band opening across USA the for guitar legend Eric Clapton.

December, 2005 - Keith Hollis with soul legend and Grammy Award winning singer Dr. Solomon Burke after backing him on Hammond B-3 Organ in the Netherlands.



Ryan Wall

Colleague - Mover - Photographer

Email - Ryan(ryan@manwithavan.org)

Ryan Wall and I met through our mutal best friend back in LA almost 10 years ago. The first night we met Ryan and I went to a party and got into a fight and I threw Ryan in a bush and he tossed me over the hood of a car. Start of a great relationship, right? But, seriously, Ryan is my best friend and has really been helping me keep MAN WITH A VAN MOVING while I have been in LA trying to get famous. Thanks mang! Ryan works in finance during the day and moves whenever he isn't looking around Boston for a good BBQ joint. lol :)

Ryan started working for me as my moving helper almost 3 years ago in August 2001. Back then I had all my 'friends' working for me doing moving. Ryan would take sick time around the end of August and September 1st and help me for a almost a week to move people. Ryan is the only friend that stayed working doing the moving. It's hard to work with friends but Ryan is an exception. He is wicked nice fella, great worker, excellent and loyal mover. Now almost 3 years later Ryan is a pro mover; no longer a "padowin lerner" like I used to call him last summer when he was getting ready to move a lot. I don't know if he is a Jedi Knight yet but I am no Yoda. (Grin)

Keep your eyes peeled for Ryan Wall...he may be your MAN WITH A VAN.





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